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What is Wandlee API?

Developing a well trained AI model is one of the biggest challenges of our era. Wandlee API is looking to redefine current solutions on the market and gives a unique opportunity to everyone who wants to teach and use AI models.

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Wandlee API was developed internally by the company Wandlee in 2015 to address internal needs, today it is a focus of development. The aim of the project is to enable ordinary people to be a part of the artificial intelligence revolution. Wandlee API does this by addressing the problem facing developers of creating AI based products that would otherwise require large sets of historical data. Wandlee gives publishers access to an API that performs actions based on transmitted data. Published tasks are completed by previously assembled AI models, or by participating AI trainers performing tasks manually.

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One of the crucial elements of Wandlee API is access to the marketplace. At every point of the development process users have access to the available AI models - they can either share them, buy or participate in the further development.


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About us

It is estimated that by 2030 up to 45% of jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence. Wandlee API seeks to steam this disruption and enable everyone to become the part and benefactor of this revolution.

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