from the first

By automating communication, we recovery
up to 50% of your employees' time

Thousands of preselection calls in just few clicks.

Do you know that you can increase your recruiting capacity nearly 10 times without spending more money? Save hundreds of hours with our voicebot - Jobcall.

Jobcall can talk to thousands of candidates in the same moment. Moreover save you their answers in your ATS and create candidate profiles.

Voicebot will answer or make calls to candidates and will conduct pre-selection interview.

Jobcall is a smart technology solution which will take your business to a higher level with just a few simple clicks.

We have been talking
since 2016

With employees on behalf of managers and company boards.
With patients on behalf of clinics.

We know what we're doing - we've had hundreds of thousands of conversations creating dozens of different types of bots across14 markets.

No conversation is too difficult for us, each one can be conducted using our tools. No subject, time of day or place of conversation is a challenge for us.We are the "Contact" tab, but in a modern version 3.0.

We know from experience that the speed of response to people's questions can be crucial. The world is rushing, people are used to immediate results - if they ask a question, they want an answer here and now. They want to be helped immediately.

And this is exactly what our solutions guarantee - first assistance in contacts. A quick response, an immediate entry into dialogue, a response from the brand or company that gives the feeling of "taking care" of a person.

Wandlee – yes, that's us, from the first contact.

A few words about what
distinguishes us from the competition
Trusted partners

We are official partners of Facebook and Microsoft

We are up to date with the law

All our solutions are GDPR compliant. We keep abreast of all legal developments, so that our solutions are always legally compliant.

Award-winning experts

We are the best technology experts on the market! We received the Best Technological Solution award in the "Rzeczpospolita" Innovation Eagle competition.

We work in 7 days!

We do not like to waste time, so projects with us do not drag on forever. We guarantee implementation of first automations within 7 days!

We make reporting easy

Our tool allows you to formulate advanced reports on your company and analyse all conversations. We make all these materials available to you.

Reliable and safe

We have passed a security audit of banking institutions. Our operations are based on the ISO 27001 certified cloud.


We always put the customer first. Customercare is not an empty word for us..

Experts sharing knowledge

We provide not only the tool, but also our knowledge and experience. We share our know-how in the course of cooperation.


All information concerning processing of your personal data can be found in thePrivacy Policy

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The aim of the project is for our company to enter a foreign market with a product which is a conversion optimisation service for the e-commerce market - with the support of our own Wandlee solution. As a result of the project, it is planned to expand sales in the US market. It is planned to participate in trade fairs and economic missions. Project value: PLN 448,400.00, European Funds contribution: 358,720.00 PLN.