How to efficiently conduct an engaging contest on Social Media?

In today’s rapidly changing FMCG marketing landscape, brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage their customers. Messenger, with over 1.3 billion active users monthly, has become not just a communication platform but also a powerful marketing tool. What if we told you there’s a way to harness this popularity in a manner that’s both attractive and secure? The answer lies in contests run through chatbots.

Messenger offers users what they desire most: quick and convenient communication. For FMCG brands, this presents an invaluable opportunity to reach customers where they spend their time and are most inclined to interact.

The appeal of chatbot contests

Contests on Messenger using chatbots are more than just prize giveaways. They offer an experience that can be as thrilling as discovering a new product. Chatbots enable the creation of interactive and engaging scenarios that capture the user’s attention and encourage further participation. The ability for immediate responses and real-time interaction makes participants feel like they’re having a genuine conversation, thus building a stronger relationship between them and the brand.

Safety and legal compliance

Safety is a crucial aspect of any promotional activity. Messenger chatbots are designed with data protection in mind, which is particularly important in light of regulations such as GDPR. This ensures that contest participants can feel secure, knowing their information is protected.

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