How to build a simple and engaging loyalty program without developing Your own app?

In the era of ubiquitous applications, loyalty programs often require users to download yet another app, sign up, and remember new logins and passwords. But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? Introducing an innovative solution – the Wandlee chatbot on Messenger, which, with its additional AI receipt scanning feature, serves as a loyalty program.

Use what You already have

Messenger is a platform used by almost everyone – it’s our daily companion for communication with friends, family, and increasingly – with brands. So why not leverage this widely used application to build relationships with customers? The Messenger chatbot is here to make it easier.

No additional apps required

Users don’t have to install a new application. Everything happens in an environment they already know and like, significantly lowering the entry barrier. As a result, the loyalty program becomes more accessible and user-friendly.

Savings for the company

For the company, the benefits are equally important. Implementing a Messenger chatbot represents significant savings, both in terms of time and money. There’s no need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on developing your own app when you can leverage an existing platform that users already have on their phones.

Receipt scanning – simple and intuitive

The receipt scanning feature allows for easy accumulation of points for purchases. After making a purchase, the customer simply needs to take a photo of the receipt using Messenger, and the chatbot will automatically credit the points to the loyalty program. It’s a simple, fast, and convenient solution for everyone.

Building relationships and value

With the Messenger chatbot, brands can build deeper relationships with customers by providing value in the form of rewards, discounts, or special offers. This not only increases engagement but also creates positive experiences that customers are happy to repeat.

A Messenger Chatbot with receipt scanning feature is a modern approach to loyalty programs. It’s a win-win solution for both sides – users enjoy simplicity and convenience, while companies increase their efficiency and save resources. In times when every second counts and customer loyalty is invaluable, it’s worth investing in solutions that are close to users and tailored to their daily habits.

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