How to increase the efficiency of selling specialized products?

Access to fast and reliable information is as important as the quality of the product itself. An expert chatbot can take on the role of an indispensable advisor, enhancing customer service quality and boosting sales efficiency.

Internal chatbot: Your personal expert library

For a salesperson, an internal chatbot is an invaluable knowledge resource available at any time of day or night. Thanks to it, every employee can quickly access expert knowledge, which is crucial in situations requiring an immediate response.

How many questions have gone unasked by employees for fear of negative reviews from supervisors? Access to the chatbot eliminates the barrier of fear and contributes to building a salesperson’s personal brand, emphasizing their professionalism in the eyes of customers.

Information quality - continuous inconsistency verification

The information provided by the chatbot is constantly verified, updated, and enriched by the market and customers, ensuring its high quality. Do you have errors in technical documentation that you are not aware of? The chatbot will detect all inconsistencies with computer precision, saving thousands of dollars on human errors.

External chatbot: Your window to the world of customers

Making the chatbot available to target customers is invaluable support for the sales team. It relieves salespeople, freeing up their processing power to handle the most valuable customers and tasks. It also provides a constant influx of new contacts and customer information, which is invaluable in the sales process.

Also significant is the competitive advantage that the brand gains in the eyes of the customer, thanks to the innovative approach to user experiences.

For the customer, an external chatbot is synonymous with quick access to valuable and verified knowledge. The 24/7 availability allows interaction with the brand at any time, which is invaluable in a rapidly changing world. Moreover, chatbots allow for freedom in asking questions without a sense of shame or ignorance – every user receives complete information, regardless of their level of technical proficiency.

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