How to reduce costs and increase efficiency in a medical facility? – A few words about Voicebot.

For years, a pressing issue stemming from poor communication between patients and medical facilities has been the high percentage of no-shows for scheduled appointments or procedures without prior cancellation. The inability to deliver services results in the inability to optimally utilize medical equipment, leading to financial losses for both facilities and doctors. On average, one in five patients fails to cancel a medical appointment, leading to significant financial losses for both public and private facilities.

And for patients? Longer queues, inability to update appointment calendars on the fly resulting in blocked slots, reducing flexibility in choosing convenient dates.

Telephone appointment confirmations reduce the no-show rate

The no-show rate decreases by up to 7 times with the use of a Voicebot automatically making phone calls to patients in the first few days of implementing the solution. The Voicebot’s voice is natural, and the conversation flow is straightforward, understandable, and, above all, effective.

Experience confirmed by achievements

Why does our voicebot stand out in the market? Despite being a young technology, we have already conducted several million automated conversations with patients. We have confirmed hundreds of thousands of medical appointments and operated an automated voice hotline for the Ministry of Health, collecting results from pulse oximeters. We know how patients communicate and what needs to be done to make the service efficient and effective.

We started with the so-called baby steps. First, we identified the most common appointments made by our patients, and then we directed Wandlee’s Voicebot to that group. We were concerned that patients would hang up as soon as they heard the bot, but that did not happen. It’s not a satisfaction survey, but a real activity facilitating the appointment, which patients care about – I think this translates into the high effectiveness of this solution. In an era of medical staff shortages, every confirmed appointment is a success.

Eliminating no-shows not only saves time for doctors and appointment confirmation consultants but also reduces the workload associated with this task. At CMP, we receive several thousand patients daily, whose appointments are confirmed in advance, often requiring multiple calls to the patient – this gives an idea of the scale and enormity of the work involved in this activity. After completing the pilot, we surveyed patient opinions, and I must admit that they were very positive – they reinforce our belief that these actions make sense.

Paweł Walicki, President of the Management Board at CMP Medical Center

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