How to increase reception efficiency and improve customer experience? Automate registration.

Especially during the flu season when reaching many facilities by phone is almost impossible, and medical staff are burdened with additional duties, Wandlee’s technology is an excellent alternative. Appointment scheduling is time-consuming yet does not require special qualifications, making it a perfect task for a Voicebot. AI checks available slots in the facility’s calendar and suggests them to the patient. It can handle an infinite number of calls per second and operates 24/7.

Seniors – who constitute the largest and still growing group of patients – have specific needs related to scheduling, modifying, and canceling appointments. Consistency and simplicity are crucial for them. These factors have the greatest impact on their sense of security, understanding of instructions and questions, and thus the efficiency of the entire process. Often, the language they use is not as up-to-date and modern, making not all commands clear to them. Wandlee’s Voicebot in communication with this demanding group has proven to be excellent. This is the best recommendation that the solution is effective and patient-friendly regardless of their age or technological advancement.

Since December 2020, together with our company, Wandlee has been implementing automated voice hotlines for the Ministry of Health. The solution implemented by Wandlee automates the transmission of measurements from pulse oximeters via phone conversations (voicebot). The implemented technology is simple and user-friendly not only for technology enthusiasts but above all for elderly people. Despite extensive requirements, the solution was implemented within 7 working days. Tens of thousands of Poles suffering from Covid-19 have already used the hotline.

Robert Król, CEO and President of the Management Board at Holo4Med

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